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  2020年以《夜長夢多》共同入圍金漫獎年度漫畫大獎 。

  代表作品:《 說故事遊戲》、《縫裡嬉戲》、《草風》、《公園》、《島》、《異鄉人》、《3/2》、《夜長夢多-審問》、《漫畫的女兒》等。 




     Born in 1989 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of National Taiwan Normal University, I started creating comics in 2012. 


     It is through drawing and painting that I satisfy my deep desire to illustrate and tell stories. I see in this act an additional reason for the validity of my own existence. Most of my creations are the fruit of dreams, or more precisely the memory I keep of them. I use it as a core that I fill, layer by layer, to obtain by swelling effect a scenic space, which I call "stratum of living", a reflection of reality. This mirror dimension allows me to explore all the methods likely to soften the penalties inherent in existence.


     In recent years, my comic art has revolved around the core theme “dream, theatre and the mirror world ”through diversifying medium and techniques, I aspire towards a freer artistic expression in comic art. 


     In 2012, my first artwork in comics “Future Good Days” won me a nomination for Future Mandarin Comic Award (Taiwan). The following year, I was nominated as “best new talent ”at Golden Comic Awards(Taiwan) by the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan for my comic book “Daughter of Manga”. Later in 2018, I was selected as one of the comic artists to represent Taiwan at the Angouleme international comics festival in France.  This year he was nominated by the Taiwanese Golden Comic Awards in the category "Comic of the Year” with the collective creation “Lunatic is the night” .


     I independently published several comic books and since 2018, I have collaborated with several magazines- not just in comic art domain -  such as Creative Comic Collection (Wind Through the Grass,2018), Bo_ing Comix (The Island,2018) and Monsoon (The Runaway,2019;3/2,2020)and Performance Arts Review…etc. . I also participated in collective works, including “Spirits of the Forest”(White Deer,2018), “Call for New”(Love Story, Love Song,2019), “Lunatic is the Night”(The Trial,2019). This year, my first feature-length one-shot is  published: “Storytelling Game” .






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